August 14, 2009

Decorating With White

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Lan and Brian Frandsen

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Kelly McCaleb again (love her, too!)

Gilbert Chair at Ikea

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I love white.

Did you know that I love white? I do. It's so...CLEAN.

I've always tried to decorate with white, but I haven't always decorated with white the right way. Things around our house were bland, boring. There was no texture. I tried to make white the accent in my home instead of the primary.

This time around, I have grand ideas about decorating with white. Yes, I know I have children. Yes, I know they are dirty. White is worth it. Things wash. I think I can do it right. I think the key is to have little bursts of color to show your personality, and of course TEXTURE.

To that end, I am dreaming of a new quilt. An all-white quilt for my king bed. I don't want to send this one off to the topquilter so I think I may quilt it in chunks myself and then hand-piece the chunks together. Stay tuned!

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  1. I LOVE white! We've had white bedding since we got married, white towels, white dishes . . . I love it ALL! B/c the best part about white??? It all BLEACHES!! (I purchase as much bleach as I do laundry detergent!)