August 21, 2009

I'm Pooped

I. Am. Exhausted.

I could seriously fall asleep sitting here right now. It's been a very long week.

Last Sunday, our truck took a poop. Specifically, it had a bad fuel injector that fouled up the oil lines and burned up the catalytic converter and caused it to misfire on cylinders 5 and 6. Nice, huh? It took 3 garages four days to diagnose and repair. In the end, Praise be to God, it was covered under warranty.

There was open house at school on Monday. We got home at 9 and while the boys showered, I made Andy's birthday cake.

Trevor switched to the small town football team and began practice this past Tuesday. Every night, until almost 9. That is a big change for us. The kids are usually in bed at 7:30.

Tuesday was also Andy's birthday. So, while the boys showered I iced Andy's cake. We had a quick slice before bed.

Then the boys started school on Wednesday.

Mabel has been very upset that we're forcing her to be awake past 7:30. I keep trying to explain to her that she is free to nod off at any point and she refuses to hear me. She screams instead.

So, yeah. It's been cold cut sandwiches for dinner 3 nights a week now for over a month (first baseball and now football). I'm sick of it already and there are like 8 weeks left of football. This is baptism by fire to the whole youth-in-sports thing. How do parents do this successfully? Seriously - please share tips if you have them!

I barely got any laundry done this week.

I found out that the home I had my eye on isn't going to work out. The same day, I found another home to rent that WILL work out. We'll move some time around October.

I haven't cooked a good home cooked meal in a couple of weeks and I want to.

I need to vacuum. And start packing.


  1. Take yourself a nap after a nice cup a tea. Sandwiches never killed anyone cut yourself some slack. My ex wanted my son to do football I flat out refused- plus I am not into it so I told him soccer or no fall sport. He took soccer.My laundry secret- start the load with lid up- it will sit all day- when get home put lid down- set kitchen timer- by the time it goes off you'll be eating and can switch to dryer while doing evening routine. just suggestion- thanks for label info ;) BIG hugs to you.

  2. having lived through (mostly lived) four kids, I'll tell ya, lower your standards! that's the biggest secret. The lower your expectations, the better things appear! ;-) okay, that and Jack Daniels. What a good buddy he is!

  3. I agree...lower your standards. Its the best survival method. You care about your kids and that already makes you super mom, not what you feed them for a season. is only a season after all.

    As far as sandwiches...mix it up with tortillas or pita bread. Add a lot of veggies, a little ranch or other salad dressing and a little meat. Most tortilla roll ups can be made several hours in advance (while making breakfast) and wrapped in plastic wrap. Put in a small cooler in the fridge along with bottles of water and chips, and/or cookies. Then, grab the cooler and head out the door during the peak crazy hour.

  4. I wish I had some kind of wonderful tip for you but all I have is use a crock pot for dinners. When we had three in soccer and practices at two fields and four days a week and Saturday meets I depended on the crock pot. You can make lots of stuff in them and if I remember correctly the kids loved it when I made BBQ chicken in it. I cooked the chicken all day with water and chicken boullion cubes. When I got home, I removed the chicken and let cool and shredded it by hand and mixed with honey bbq sauce and slapped on buns. Store bought slaw became a veggie and apples and oranges went to practice. If you don't have a crock pot, look at the GoodWill- they always have one.

  5. Oh! Heather has the right idea with laundry. that's what I do when it's hectic. I'm glad you found a house and here's a prayer you get your yard and a big clothesline!