August 18, 2009

Little Roo

Happy 7th Birthday, Little Roo. Oh my, how I love you so.

I love your giggle.

I love your freckles.

I love that space between your teeth.

I love that your hair is punked up every morning.

I love how tiny and frail you look, but how ferocious you really are.

I love how you filled with pride last week at your first hit at coach pitch. I love how you didn't give up, and now you "love baseball."

I love how much you love your sister, even when you make her scream for the 1,000,000th time in a day.

I love how much you love to paint and sew and I will try to do it with you more often.

I love your long eyelashes.

I love that you are stubborn and scrappy.

I love that you came second. God chose you for a very special role: the middle. You are both a big brother AND a little brother.

I love your grubby fingers and toes.

I love how you have to sleep with Pengui, Po, Wuzzy Bear, George 1, George 2, Sleeping George, and 12 other friends.
I love that Jesus healed you.
I love that you are mine.
Love, Mama

This post was supposed to publish yesterday, but due to the fact that I was dealing with my truck's engine malfunction (FUN), I was preoccupied and forgot to hit "publish."


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to your wonderful boy!!! I just love all the photos, very cute! As the mother of sons I can tell you that boys always share a special bond with Mom!

  2. Happy Birthday yesterday (?) to your big guy. Your scrapbook pages are awesome.

  3. Happy Birthday Roo-ster! We miss you! Love you lots!

    Aunt Lulu, Uncle Rog and crew

  4. You are so talented! love your designs!

  5. Those are awesome pages. ....very inspiring too.