August 7, 2009

Midcentury Modern Jackpot

Oh, Friends.

I hit the midcentury modern jackpot last week. I went shopping at an antique store in the small town that I work in (same one I want to move to) over my lunch hour one day.

First, I found a Herman Miller Eames fiberglass chair FOR $48:

Mine is tomato red (like the one on the left, above).

Then, I found a Bassett Danish-Modern dresser, side table, and corner desk FOR $140 total. Folks, I've seen this set online for $2,000!

Not exact, but they are similar to this:

Then, I found another pricey Danish Modern piece - similar to the chair below, however mine is all brown, FOR $12:

Good golly, I love small towns!


  1. Awesome deals. I love the red and white chairs.

  2. Oh, heck hit the jackpot for sure!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. =) How did you find me?

    ...just curious.