August 21, 2009

Organizing A Move: Things To Do AFTER Your Move

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I have four tabs in the AFTER portion of my moving workbook:
  • Things to Do

  • First Grocery List

  • Change of Address

  • Safety Proof New Home


  • Make room by room plans for updates to new house

  • Plan arrangement of pictures, wall hangings in new house

  • Mail moving announcements to family and friends

  • Take trash/boxes out

  • Complete elementary school registry

  • Give employer new home address

  • Exchange spare home keys with a trusted friend

  • Locate post office, police station, fire station, gas station, and hospital

  • Call the trash department to find out which day the trash/recycling is collected

  • Secure new service providers such as a bank, pharmacist, vet

  • Contact local DMV to exchange your driver’s license and register your vehicle if necessary

  • Transfer insurance policies to a local agent

  • Obtain local library cards

  • Register to vote

FIRST GROCERY LIST: This is an idea from Flylady and is wonderful to keep handy whether you are moving or not. Again in Excel (gosh, can you tell I sit at my computer all day?), I created a spreadsheet listing all of the foods my family buys on a regular basis. I divided the list into categories such as: produce, dairy, meats, boxed, canned, dry, and non-food, according to the layout of my favorite grocery. You can print and laminate your list to use with a crayon or wet-erase marker when it's time to shop - simply circle the items you need on the list.

When you move locally you'll take some of your food with you. It's a great time, however, to purge your freezer and fridge and restock with needed items. Compare what you bring with you to your master list, and pick up what you need.

When you move a long distance you will not bring food with you. In this case a first grocery list is essential and can eliminate repeat trips to pick up forgotten items.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Keep a list of those persons that you wish to inform of your move. Also include magazine subscriptions, doctors, lawyers, crediting companies, utilities, your employer, etc. Once you have signed your lease/loan, update your records and circulate your new information. You also need to change your address with the US Postal Service.

SAFETY PROOF NEW HOME: Every home has its own liabilities. You may need window locks - or not. Hook & eye closures for the attic door - or not. Go through your new home and note anything you may need to keep your new pad safe for your children and pets. Check the smoke detectors to be sure the batteries work. Install a CO2 detector.

I noted in this spot that I own and will be bringing my 2 fire extinguishers with us when we move.

What is on your AFTER moving list? Am I the only sicko that has one?

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