August 7, 2009

Organizing A Move: Things To Do BEFORE You Move

Photo by Jamie Waters

To be best-prepared for a family move, there are certain things to be considered.

Overall Budget
Moving Companies
Utility and Insurance Changes
Boxes and organization

BUDGET: First and foremost, you must do a budget. Scratch it out on a napkin, use a calculator, consult Dave Ramsey, or bust out the Excel again - but account for every bit of income and expediture in a month so that there are no surprises at your new place. Overestimate on your utilities until you are certain you know what they will be. I do this first because if you can't afford it, you can't move there.

PACKING: Make your list of packing supplies and begin packing. Start with the most useless items, like extra toys, photo albums, or (in my case) fabric. Pack the things you don't use everyday first. If you pack a little at a time, it won't overwhelm you at the last minute. It will also give you to time to collect boxes.

MOVING: Do some research in your area and look for coupons online to get the best deal for a moving truck. Book this as far in advance as possible and remember to pay the extra $ for insurance. (Shoes didn't do this once and promptly smacked a UHaul into our new neighbor's brand new Jeep Cherokee. Fun times.)

UTILITIES & INSURANCE: Make a list of the utility companies you are using now, including their phone numbers and your respective account numbers. Then, right next to that list make a list of the NEW companies you will need to use, with their phone numbers. If you are just changing your address with the company, jot down the phone number only. While it's not a utility, I also have my renter's insurance company listed on this worksheet. When you call to disconnect/connect, jot down the dates as well.

SCHOOL: Again, old information next to new information. I also have notes on my worksheet about specific topics I'd like to bring up at the new school, such as lunches, activities, and the PTO.

BOXES & ORGANIZATION: I made a list of rooms in my current home. Next to each room I wrote down what I might need to consider when I pack I up. For example, in the kitchen I will have refrigerated food, frozen food, glassware, utensils, plates, serving pieces, pots, boxed pantry food and jars, canned food (READ: HEAVY BOXES), towels, cookbooks, and small appliances. This is a new worksheet for me this time around. I'm hoping it will help me pack without being distracted (kids!) and will allow me to (kids!) collect enough boxes ahead of time.

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  1. Someone who moved recently said that the packers actually marked the shelf/drawer for every box in her sewing room so she knoew exactly where to put things as she unpacked. I thought that was brilliant!