August 13, 2009

Organizing A Move: Things To Do DURING A Move

Photo by Kelly McCaleb

There are 3 tabs in my Excel spreadsheet for the "DURING" portion of my upcoming move:

Things To Do
Overnight Needs
Moving Contracts & Receipts

  • Count boxes and items as they go on and come off of the moving truck - keep master list (color coded by room is best)

  • Have a designated broken down box and trash spot in the new house. Remember: If you unpack something you can't find a home for, you don't need it!

  • Unpack overnight items first

  • On the first day, make breakfast, buy groceries, and plan supper

  • Locate fire extinguisher and fuse box

OVERNIGHT NEEDS: The point of this tab is to keep track of the items you and your family will need before everything is unloaded or unpacked. In moves past, I have put this box in my truck with me so that I am not without what we need. Here is my list of overnight needs:

  • Medications, including pain/headache relievers (why is it that kids get a fever at the most inopportune times?), band-aids

  • Toiletries

  • Old towels for bathing and old handtowels for cleaning (use your nice ones to pack the dishes!)

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper plates, cups, and plastic silverware if you use them (many times they can be delivered free with Pizza)

  • Cell phone and charger

  • Phone book and your moving binder

  • Lamp

  • Ziplock bags

  • Box of trash bags

  • Tool bag and drill (my tool bag includes scissors and batteries)

  • Cash for pizza

  • Bucket, soap, and sponge

  • Light bulbs

  • Baby needs (diapers and wipes, sippy cup, BABY GATE)

  • Toys

  • Important paperwork (birth certificates, etc)

  • Camera and laptop

  • Quilts, blankets, and pillows for sleeping before the beds are set up

MOVING CONTRACTS & RECEIPTS: In my moving binder I keep a large yellow clasp envelope in this section. Whenever I obtain a receipt for my move, I put it in the envelope. Then when the move is complete, I file this envelope in my tax folder (moves are tax deductible!).

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  1. WOA! We are way too much alike in this area! I do this very same thing.... I have made a new folder everytime we have moved...6 times to be exact and about to be 7! We are begining to plan a move to CANADA! Hope you get your house- I've been praying for it. Keep up the good work!

  2. My lsit would be similar except that the overnight list would include bottle of scotch and disposable glasses (or straws).

  3. This is a great list! I only dream of being this organized!! :) I have been reading your blog off and on over the past several months. I have been inspired by your Mountain Baby Blankets project - you are doing a wonderful thing. I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. In the military we called this an expres shipment when traveling overseas it would be "just enough" to await the household goods. Pretty through list!