October 20, 2009

Blog Award

Kheli at RememberYourKarma has awarded me the Honest Scrap Award! I'd love to tell you that I'm all cool and collected and can talk about this with much dignity and grace. While that is all true, my tail is wagging so hard I can't keep up with it! My first blog award. Thanks, Kheli!

The first part of the award requirements are that I share 10 honest things about myself. Easy enough.

  1. I had coffee and a blueberry PopTart for breakfast this morning.

  2. I love looking down at Mabel's chubby feet when I get her into her jammies every night. I hate it at the same time because I'm reminded how fast time flies and that her piggies will not always be so delicious.

  3. When Trevor was born, I could not get through one verse of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" without crying.

  4. I feel like a rockstar mom when my children tell me they ADORE fresh asparagus. Who knew?!

  5. Granny Smiths used to be my apples-of-choice. But not since Mindy introduced me to the glorious Honey Crisp. Mmmmmmm... Honey Crisp.

  6. I can hear the Lutheran church bells from home, striking every hour.

  7. I have mentioned before that I love to paint. It makes me feel good to rinse my brushes in the kitchen sink and leave behind a smear that says: "someone creative lives here."

  8. I organize my closet by type (jackets, sweaters, long-sleeves, short-sleeves, etc.) and then by color.

  9. Last night I put labels on my storage bins. My label maker had been packed away for 2 years. I squealed with glee when I found it. SQUEALED OUT LOUD WITH GLEE, I tell you.

  10. I have more friends in my life now than I ever have before. I thank God for bringing me each and every one of them.

Also as part of receiving this award, I present this same award to the brilliant bloggers below. Each of them inspire me daily in their own ways.

  1. Jordan Ferney at OhHappyDay. A daily read for all things cooking, creating, clothing, color, art & JCrew (to be specific).

  2. Amy Hanson at SweetSweetLife. Another daily read. Amaaaaaazzziiinng art and creative candy - she really does a fantastic job of scouring the internet for goodness and sharing it with me.

  3. Mindy at Isn'tThisFun? Lulu is inspirational to me in so many different ways. As a PK (that's pastor's kid, if you didn't know), she can kick my ass at scripture. Fo' sho'. I ask her all kinds of questions. She's also a master juggler. It's just that her balls are shaped more like children.

  4. Mr.Monkeysuit. Oh holy business do I ever blog stalk this one. LOVE her liberal use of Liberty prints, her superhero abilities to sew children's clothing, and knit as well.

  5. Nathalie Bearden of Kennedy&Friends. I am crazy about her colorful photography skills, her honestly wonderful embroidery, and her beautiful home.

  6. Hillary Lang at WeeWonderfuls. Hillary reminded me that all of the older ladies of yore (and trendy ladies of now) embroider to be cool. She is seriously so dang talented, I can barely stand it.

  7. Alicia Paulson of PosieGetsCozy. If you don't read her blog, you should. She cooks, she sews, she creates, she shares. She is AMAZING. Love her.

  8. Jenny at LittleGreenNotebook. An interior designer, Jenny is wonderful at describing how she transforms things to make them beautiful. I love reading her blog every day.

Seriously, there are so many more people out there who inspire me every day online. Stephmodo, SouleMama, PioneerWoman, Elsie Flannigan, Nate & Jaclyn... of course, NieNie - just to name a few more. I love them all.

Thanks again to all of these bloggers for your inspiration and friendship, thanks to Kheli for the award, and thanks to all who read this blog!

I know this is similar to one of those memes, but I appreciate the opportunity to say thank you to those who inspire me. Please pass this on and encourage each other.

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