October 12, 2009

The Dining Room

The dining room is next on my list. The walls were already painted a nice, creamy white. I'll get around to whitening it up with Pure White (which is actually NOT pure white) from Sherwin Williams eventually.

Like all of the windows in the house, it has lovely mahogany casings and woodwork all over the place.

I found these lovely, old cafe curtains in the thrift store for less than $1 each and got just enough to do the 4 windows in the dining room. Meant to be, I guess.

Moo would like for you to stop looking at her piggy tails and notice that the Favor poster behind her will eventually be hung up on the North wall in the dining room.

Our book collection, my sewing goodies, and my scrapbooking supplies will be stored in two cabinets that were left behind when we moved in. For now each of those things still lives in boxes. See, Mom, I'm not entirely unpacked yet. More to come on that below...

Presenting below the Antebellum gateleg, drop-leaf table, alongside 4 darling chairs I bought for a total of $22 (the chairs, NOT the table). Love.

The dining room came with a wallpaper border in emerald green and burgundy (another least-favorite color of mine). The wallpaper border had to go because it's not my style, but also because it chopped the 10' ceilings off at only 8'. I removed it last weekend.

What's that yellow, yummy-looking organizer thing there?

One of the previous pastors (or someone he commissioned, I imagine) made two bookcases in the basement who-knows-how-many years ago. The solid wood pair were brought upstairs on moving day (thank you, Move Friends!) and will hold all of my creative supplies in the dining room, as well as most of our book collection. I cannot wait.

I argued with myself and consulted Mindy and Becky, and eventually decided to paint these white. Shocking, I know. I thought of leaving them yellow, but it really draws too much attention that way and doesn't allow the eye to float through the house equally. Because the house is so wide open, you can see them from the kitchen and the living room. Last night I put the first coat on them. Once they're done, they will be loaded up and I can start working on the two quilts rolling around in my head!

They also need new glass knobs, I think. Don't you?


  1. But I like looking at Moo's piggytails! Too cute!
    and lovin' that cabinet! I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Your new house looks so friendly, so much character. Can't wait to see more pictures!