October 26, 2009

Flikr Help

Does anyone know why freaking Flikr images cannot be just pasted into Blogger anymore? Any help - PLEASE send it my way!

Until I figure this out, I'm on one picture per post! ARGH!

Thank you to those who left comments. I was able to upload into Blogger but the images are TINY. I am very, very unhappy with this. I've been playing around editing the HTML code with the pictures to see if I can improve it. I've figured out a way to make them bigger, but their quality disappears. I really, really wish I knew what Flikr did!!! Why did they change this? This is a hell of a reason not to renew with them.


  1. I was able to post a flickr picture yesterday using this method: right click on the flickr photo, choose 'view image' copy that url. In blogger, choose insert photo, paste the url into the text box and click upload. Hope that works!

  2. I was having the same problem--I don't know what happened. What you can do is go to your photostream. From there, right click on your picture and copy the picture location. Let me know if this works! My best-Jessica

  3. On Blogger, go to Edit HTML tab next to the Compose tab. Then paste. Then go back to Compose to see your picture. I had some problems until I tried this. An extra step, but easy. Good luck.