October 28, 2009

Let's See Those Cabinets!

Bookcases...whatever they are.

You know, I almost entitled this post, "Yumminess," but I thought that might be over the top. You decide.

These two cabinets were left behind in the basement of the house. The owner told me I could have them. I started slobbering the moment I saw them and haven't stopped since.

At first glance I saw the bright, cheerful yellow and considered leaving them alone. Well, bringing them upstairs and then leaving them alone. Once we moved in I discovered that these were built IN the basement (and only by the grace of God himself actually fit up the stairs!) and weren't painted on both sides. I also found the backs in disrepair.

So, a bigger project than I thought, but they are incredibly worth it. Yumminess, I told you.


I began by cleaning the cabinets inside and out, using soap and hot water. They were a mess, having lived in the basement for a long time. Then I used wood filler (Elmer's brand) to spackle in any large gouges. I also had some masonite cut to fit the backs and the boys helped me nail it on to provide additional support.

I used Behr Paint Plus Primer in Interior Semi-Gloss, Extra White for these bad boys. And it took 4 coats; no lie! I used a mini-roller and a brush for the corners. The cabinets also got brand new hardware - both hinges and glass knobs.

I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF for how they came out.

See. Should have called it "Yumminess."


  1. They turned out beautiful! I've used the Behr paint with primer and it tooks several coats for me (and I didn't like the smell) in Kate's room. Anyway, It lloks so pretty I'm sure you are already telling yourself not to clutter it and mess up all that prettiness. Good Job!

  2. They look so great! I can't imagine what it was like to get them upstairs! I spy some great books on those shelves too :-)

  3. they look REEEAAALLLY good.

  4. Lurve them!!!! The glossy white is very nice. Very crisp!

  5. Impressive! When I decide to do a project like that I get so excite, then discouraged, then excited again, then proud!