October 12, 2009

The Living Room

I think the best way to document the new house is room by room. I hate busting this out so early because I am FAR from done decorating, but Mindy and my mother are ready to chew my ass for not having posted any new pics of our palace, so here I am.

I aim to please you know.

A little prep first: our home was built around 1900. I say "around" because there is no actual date on record. One year it was not there and then a few years later, it was. During most of its life our home has been used by the local church as a parsonage. Literally God's house. I love that. All of the important updates have been made, but the rest has been left charmingly original. It has plenty of character and only a few things that need updating. There are things in every room that tickle my fancy.

A logical place to start is the living room, I think. The only room in our home that has carpeting. Prior to moving in, the living room was a dark emerald green, which is NOT a favorite color of mine. Perhaps it stems from me painting my bedroom that color when I was in high school (remember, Mom?). Blech.

The blurriness of the pictures should give you an idea just how dark this room was. I couldn't get a crisp picture no matter what I did. This room was primed and painted before we even moved in. I chose Fleur de Sel from Sherwin Williams, to be exact.

These are the lovely mahogany window casings that separate the enclosed (sleeping) porch and the living room.

And, here is after. Notice the difference in lighting? The crispness of Roo's messy mop?

The stairs and entry are off of the living room. The entry is the only wallpaper in the house that I am keeping, though if I find some yummy vintage stuff, it could come down. But, no rush there.

And because Roo and Moo so courteously showed off the living room, here is a picture of Trev. Please note the chopped bangs there above his right eyebrow, which he did in school "for fun," he said.


  1. Love the wood and the new color but what the heck does the room look like? Got the stairs and the window casing...love them. I need a more personal tour. How does this room relate to the others in location and size? We need a video conference :)

  2. gorgeous woodworking!

  3. This home already shows great bones...I'm totally in love with the woodwork! Can't wait to see more!