October 12, 2009

My Little ChickenHawk

He's #10.

He played Defensive End, Safety, and Offensive End.

While Trevor plays, Andy builds. In Spiderman gloves.

Still building.

I used to think Trevor was big, or at least average-sized. Here here is standing next to a child just one year older. The red ring around the other kid's helmet indicates he weighed more than 100 lbs at weigh-in and therefore, cannot run with the ball. Doesn't Trevor look tiny?

He still holds his own.

Yep, definitely holds his own. See that little helmet on the bottom of the pile in the lower right corner of the heap? That's him.

Strutting. Probably because the cheerleaders were there.

Whoop - bottom of the pile again.

I love my little CHawk.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know know how you do it. I'd be scared to death of him getting hurt playing with those bigger boys. My eldest was so small compared to some she played soccer against and she was constantly at the ER because she played so aggressively. BUT, I love all the benefits of playing sports more than the threats of harm. Could you have a little architect in your house?