October 26, 2009


IMG_1307e, originally uploaded by racheljcox.

We had a mighty busy weekend.

I was successful at my last push to unpack some important boxes, finish up the cabinets, hang some artwork, and ready the house for Nana's visit last week. I plum tuckered myself out.

This past weekend was so nice with Nana at the house. I was able to nap on Saturday and Sunday. That hasn't happened in a very long time. We cooked, we crocheted, we played with the kids and watched lots of The Golden Girls - all of us together.

On Saturday we took the kids to the town Halloween carnival. It wasn't until we were inside the auditorium with the kids in their costumes that I realized Mabel's Elmo... was a boy. Oh well. She loved it.

Saturday night I went to a double birthday party; the entire town was invited and it was a blast. It was delicious to leave Nana with the kids and head out for some fun - no worries at all. And I can walk to and from!

I found fun, all right. Fun with friends (such good, good people), fun dancing... and fun with Frank Sinatra and the 6'6" viking who dipped me. YOWZA.

So, we're all recuperating. I'll upload the photos from the weekend this evening, K?



  1. Sounds purty gosh dern purfect to me especially the Viking! Now the big question was he romance cover worthy?

  2. Cathy... as if.

    As if I wouldn't tell you. :b

    OF COURSE HE WAS! Mercy!

    I never knew that my "type" included 6'6", 200 lb Norwegians. Or Dutchmen. Dutch Norwegians are nice, too.

    Man they grow them big out here. Big and smart and CUTE.