October 20, 2009

We's Be Busy, Y'All

Okay, seriously. How much can I pack into a last-minute push before Nana hits Da Plains for a visit? Wanna know what I did this weekend?

Here, straight from my To Do list on Saturday:

Second coat of paint on cabinets
Remove and replace hinges after paint
Add masonite backing to both cabinets
Remove and discard wood towel racks
Put up 2 metal towel racks in bathroom
Replace toilet seat in bathroom
Install new shower head
Caster covers under my bed
Pick up supplies to make king headboard
Felt covers under all furniture upstairs and in dining room
Change switchplates in my room
Hang coats on rod downstairs
Water plants
Organize garage & arrange for cardboard pickup
Hang pictures in boys room
Hang pictures in mabel's room
Hang Favor in dining room
Touch up basement celing with semigloss from cabinets
Touch up stair railing
Replace bulbs in basement
Fold laundry & put away (five loads - YIKES)
Make labels for downstairs bins
Refill salt in water softener (5 bags)
Unpack 6 boxes of scrap & sew into cabinets
Halloween costume shopping & assembly

Add to that church and a trip to the clinic for a couple of sickies on Sunday, and there you have my weekend.

If I hadn't had the unexpected trip to the clinic, I would have cleaned my front gutters and mowed my lawn. Drat! I need to do that!

Pictures are coming!


  1. I have given you a blog award! You inspire me every day! Please visit my blog to see it!

  2. You are superwoman!!! Productive weekend to say the least!

  3. Oh to be young again! I haven't been able to do that much in a weekend since I hit 4o and then all I ran on was nervous energy with the Ex still around here. You are a marvel!