November 18, 2009

The Best Compliment

I have gotten some pretty great compliments in my day, I am proud to say. Compliments about the kids' behavior, some recipe, or my ability to laugh, my eyebrows, my sense of humor, and about those fantastic red heels.

Yes. But more and more often now people compliment me on being so happy. I have been accused of being unfazed by what life brings. Optimistic always. Bruised but never broken. I don't mind it.

Today I gave a presentation to our entire company, and I kicked ass at it. Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all. I prayed beforehand, cared about the subject of my presentation, and was proud after.

(Though if I'm being honest, when they handed me the mic, I kept thinking of that scene in The Wedding Date when Kat's mother is trying to toast to her youngest daughter and Kat turns and gasps, "Oh good Lord, who gave that woman an amp!?")

So after the presentation I politely greeted a random production coworker in the hall. Random Coworker said that my smile was contagious. Then Random Coworker said, "You are always so happy... I want what you've got. Whatever you've got going on, it makes you happy. I want it."

Oh yes. JESUS.

Overwhelmingly, certainly, more than any other happiness or shield or armor or battle cry I may ever have or need, I HAVE JESUS. He is my light. He IS my smile.

It was the best compliment. Thanks, Random Coworker.

PS: Are you mad at me yet for not posting anything new on the house? Don't be. I'm trying to finish painting my next project so that I can show you. Life is bursting at the seams, so it's taking me longer to paint than I expected. Please be patient.


  1. No, the posts about the house can wait. The "happy" and "Jesus" posts are great! Aren't we supposed to focus on that which is good?

  2. I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart! Where?"

    Love ya!

  3. Sounds like overflowing blessings. Feels good when you just know you are "ontrack".