November 17, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Ahh, I loved Ren & Stimpy back in the day. Sad, but true. There is irony there that I won't explain now. Makes me laugh, though.

Moving on...

I am happy and joyous because Judy gifted us with an upright freezer for housewarming recently. Thanks again, Mom! I haven't been able to do freezer cooking for years and I NEEEEEEED to. There are things I haven't made because I couldn't freeze half for another meal or didn't have space in my fridge's freezer.

Image from Smitten Kitchen

Like lasagna.

Image is Pioneer Woman's lasagna.

My granny's apple pie.

My chili.

Image is again, P-Dub

Image from P-Dub

Green beans from my (next year's) garden.

Image from Nie

Image from Ree again

Corn casserole.

Sloppy joes (or taverns, if you live in Da Plains).

Tater tot hot dish with green beans.

Image from Tricia Jaeger

Like banana bread.

Pumpkin bread.


Like perfect pie crust


Man, I'm all slobbery now. Shouldn't have written this post while hungry.

What am I missing? Know of any other good recipes that I can test out and freeze? Lay them on me!


  1. I freeze mashed potatoe in individual balls so that I can get it out and use it on fishermans pie and shephers pie (and then freeze half of them too!) Don't know if you have Shepherd's pie in America, it's beef mince and lovely oniony gravy (you can put in carrots, petit pois etc if you want) and then a thick layer of mashed potato on top, cover it in cheese and stick it in the over for 20 minutes - Delicious! Great for cold English winter nights!

  2. I'm drooling....

    Chili? I love to make a big batch and freeze it.