November 11, 2009

More Free Quilting Patterns

I've found a few new free quilting patterns online recently and would like to share them with all of you.

Free Spirit's Katie Jump Rope Pattern, designed by Denyse Schmidt

In fact, Free Spirit has a bunch of yummy patterns for free download here.

How about Amy Butler's Sexy Hexy? Here, along with others by Amy.

If Anna Maria Horner is more your style, visit her blog for a delicious selection of patterns designed by her. The Folk Dance pattern is my favorite:

Moda also has some goodies here. Like Nest:

Happy sewing!

Find more free patterns from previous posts here.


  1. the Katie Jump Rope one is on my list of must dos...eventually!!!

    I was looking at your wallpaper entry - I don't know what those are, but have you seen the paper by Neisha Crosland? SHe has some beautiful designs. I don't know if you can get them over in the US though, but worth a look. And cole and son is another one here in the UK that does some gorgeous designs, we have quite a few of theirs in our house.

  2. I'll have to check these out.
    I have a horrible confession. While I was sick I asked Al to put the baby quilts in the car to be mailed first chance we got to the post and he put them in the trunk. We found them Saturday when he was cleaning the car. :( I've already started two others so I'll get those finished and added in. Al is going to help me though so I am hoping I'll have them finished by Saturday. Please forgive an old woman......

  3. oo thanks a lot for sharing those. will go and have a look now :-)

  4. Seriously girlie, you're going to have to get together with me, at my house, and show me how to use this darn sewing machine. I have a quilt that has been wanting to be made for 10 years -- it's all cut out, too.