November 30, 2009

A Smörgåsbord

What a tremendous week! I am so incredibly thankful for my life. Every piece and part.

The kids traveled with their dad to Ohio for the Thanksgiving holiday. They had fun while they were gone and are happy to be home. While I did miss them desperately, I was licking my chops at the free time on my plate. It was a smörgåsbord of free time. Five days to myself.

I stayed up late every night and watched The Golden Girls until the cows came home. I ate what I wanted and caught up on laundry.

I hung out with friends and I slept in every morning.

I removed my kitchen cabinets, painted, and reattached them in an afternoon.

I cut, pieced, sewed, basted, AND top-quilted a throw quilt on Saturday. All that's left is the binding. Now that's some productivity.

I painted a bible verse on my wall and made a dozen pom-poms.

I put up the Christmas tree (though I saved the decorating for the kids when they got home yesterday) and did some Christmas shopping.

I had notions of doing more but a sinus headache wiped me out for most of Thursday. Still, I think I did pretty well.

I did take pictures... stay tuned!


  1. when you said you had been busy - i can see what you meant! it's amazing what it's possible to do in a day, when (even very lovely, well behaved) children are taken out of the equation.
    glad you did ALOT of fun stuff!

  2. I can't believe you took your cabinets down, painted them, and got them right back up in less than a week. Whoops... wait a minute.. yes I can.. you are Rachel Cox! :O)