December 18, 2009


Okay, I guess my sneak peak from yesterday wasn't very sneaky, because all of you who guessed were right. I'm making new Christmas stockings. And I'm ready to show them to you except I need to celebrate something today first.

Yes, it's true that I was born 33 years ago this very day. But that's not it (I'm celebrating that later).

Yes, there is someone new in my life. But that's not it (also, celebrating this later).

Oh no. I am addressing a certain matter that pertains to Lulu's reproduction facility.

As it turns out, Muterus has taken heed and obeyed my orders. Taco, not turtle. In case you're not Lulu and can't understand bestie code, MINDY IS HAVING A BABY GIRL! And since I am living vicariously, I am profoundly excited!

Ahhhh, yes. Auntie Rach will be ready to make a collection of all things PINK.

What a wonderful birthday present. Thanks,, Lulu!


  1. Happy Birthday - and I hope it's the viking with the green eyes :-) since it's all about the superficial things - lol!
    And girly things are SO fun to make - have a blast!

  2. My muterus and I think you for your support ;)