December 8, 2009

Das Bigmouth

I heard Mabel yelling at Andy the other night.

"Annie. ANNIE! Annie, help me! Mama said AndWOO do it. AndWOO, come on! AndWOO, you do it!"

He was supposed to be helping her pick up her toys. Of course, he'd seen something shiny and distracting and has lost his focus entirely. She was merely trying to get his attention.

I wonder where she learned that a big mouth will convey the message a bit louder. Well, at least I know she's had good training.


  1. That is HYSTERICAL! She is completely precious.

  2. That picture of your daughter is priceless.

  3. Rachel she is so precious. I love those two pictures. On another subject, I bought 3 baby panels to make quilts for Mountain Baby Blankets.