December 20, 2009

Hoar Frost

From Wikipedia, Hammer51012, Ashrunner and bullboy1983 on Flickr

Last night as I was being walked home by a certain viking, we noticed a heavy fog around us. And oh, was it chilly. I bet it was just below zero with very little wind. Our feet crunched the snow beneath us. Every road in our little town is still white-washed. It really is lovely.

While walking, I lost my footing. The viking kept me vertical and we both noticed something beautiful swaying above us.

The branches of every tree lining every road (gosh, what HAD I been looking at instead while walking?) were glistening with furry, white ice. The moonlight cut the fog and the branches absolutely glowed.

One more thing to love about Da Plains. Hoar frost. I'd never seen it before, and now, I'll never forget it.


  1. OOOOOO, Vikings! The photos are so pretty. Nice to have a strong arm to hold on to.

  2. I am super duper happy for you! I think I need my own viking.

  3. how absolutely beautiful...don't think I've ver heard of Hoar's frost and I know I've never seen it, I would remember something that beautiful! Wishing you and your Viking many more romantic moments!

  4. Beautiful - and so happy for you...can't imagine what you were looking at instead of the ground :-)

  5. "Swoony"? Coincidence? Very romantic indeed!