December 22, 2009

The Sitter's Quilt

There is a very lovely lady in our lives. She watches the kids every day. She loves them, dotes on them, and doesn't tolerate any monkey business. I knew I would make her a quilt for Christmas this year.

Over the past several weeks I've collected pieces of green and pink, with little bits of yellow. Much of it came from my stash. Then I found the beautiful vintage sheet for my backing. While the kids were with their dad over Thanksgiving I got to work.

The piecing is a simple disappearing 9 block pattern, and I quilted it in a grid with white thread. It is lap/twin sized and, she tells me, very warm indeed. The whole thing took me less than 48 hours to cut, piece, quilt, and handbind. I felt so happy making it, thinking of all this lovely woman does for our family.

It was my favorite gift to give this year.
Would it surprise you to learn that I forgot to take pictures of the final product here? It's true. I had envisioned this quilt hung on my wall for a good "completed WIP" shot and then... I just forgot. Now, I see the sitter every day so hopefully one day I will take my camera and get that final shot. Until then, you'll have to just roll your eyes at me.


  1. I made 3 quilts for family members this Christmas. I like to think of the love I have for them "wrapping" around them in the quilt. All 3 (2 sisters-in-law, 1 nephew) were very happy with their quilts! Merry Christmas!

  2. I need more pictures of this one please! I LOVE that sheet for backing! drooling......

  3. More pictures so I can see the finished product, please!!

  4. ooooo I wish I were their sitter!