December 2, 2009

Stumbled On The Big Q

So the other night was a frazzle.

Mabel was full of coughing and sputtering, snot all squishing down her face. Andy was talking a mile a minute about wigwams and whats-for-dinner and the 29 books he'd recently read. Trevor was tentatively trying to tell me a story that may or may not have included the words "butth0le" and "farts" (it's just a good guess, really). We had just walked in the door at the end of the day and I was... tired. I worked all day and was not hungry for cooking. I was hungry for pizza.

So pizza was ordered.

Then the kids found the pom-pom pile again. It was C H A O S until I just... stopped. Who cares if they throw pom-poms around the house? The giggles and glee coming from the living room was contagious and I joined in, nailing Trevor in the face with 3 red poms and 4 cream poms consecutively. Andy grabbed the brown ones and ground them into Mabel's armpits. Then I got one in the mouth from Moo. There was fuzz flying everywhere, glistening in the warm glow of the Christmas tree.

I learned two things:
  1. A skein of yarn can produce MUCH more than a sweater or a scarf or a hat.
  2. Mabel has an incredibly good arm for her age. This shouldn't surprise me since the kid can think and speak at a 12 yr old level most of the time. I'm also pretty certain she's right handed.

The pizza arrived and we ate. Then, we tucked into the couch with a variety of handmade and vintage quilts and afghans surrounding us. Mabel climbing, Andy hopping, and Trevor tucked so tight into my armpit that I could barely breathe. He was reading a particularly scary Goosebumps book. I'd read a page and then he would read a page. Then Mabel would practice spelling her name (see number 2 above) on the chalkboard in my lap. Andy was busy drawing and I just... stopped.

There it was. The elusive Big Q. Quality time, found by accident.

Andy and I practiced drawing block letters over and over again. I'd write a name and he'd decorate the letters - including a very fine flame design (on his own name, of course).

Mabel grabbed her green Barbie-storage suitcase and we dressed up Barbies. Pom-poms and Mabel's giggle filled the air as Andy nailed her over and over again. Trevor and Mabel cuddled on the floor. There were tons of kisses and Mabel did her favorite thing while sitting on my lap; she examined my eyebrows.

Sure, there were a few times I raised my voice. I thought a few times about folding laundry or ironing the basket full of items that needed it. But instead I just... stopped.

I was surrounded by awesomeness. I love it when I don't plan the Q and it just happens.


  1. I miss those times so much. Now I have girls looking thru Victoria's Secret telling me what they would like for Christmas.

  2. That was quality time indeed! Love the story!

  3. I can hear the giggling and laughter all the way over here!!!

  4. Awesome story. Sounds like a great night.