December 30, 2009

T = 9

I can't believe he's 9. My oldest child is ... NINE. How did that happen?

Trevor, I love you because you are an old soul. I love you because, like me, you lack common sense at this age. You are booksmart and wise and passionate. Your eyes light up with such intensity and fun that it's hard to stare into them sometimes. Your laugh is contagious and I still very clearly remember the first time I heard your deep, belly laugh on the living room floor in Kentucky. I remember that when you were born I was in shock that you looked so much like me. You approach life with such vitality and interest. You don't shy away from things and you don't hide your feelings. I love each of these things about you, and so much more.

I love that you are a terrific big brother. You are guiding two siblings beneath you. You are a tremendous help but only because you want to be. You love being outside, you love reading, and you love US. Thank you for that. You insist on trying something new until you get it right and are amazing at finding alternative solutions to things. And I love how very much you love Jesus.

While I cannot wait to see how your future unfolds, I wish very much for you to slow. down.

Thanks for being my first child. You've paved the way in my heart.

Love, Mom


  1. That brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful post.

  2. So sweet! My littlest one is nine on 01-01-01. Sweet goodness in baby form I tell ya!

  3. How beautiful your scrapbooking style is! You have really made his story of growing up (so far) really special. What a cutie.

    Love the pics of his new big boy bed the most!