December 22, 2009

Those New Stockings

Back in the day, we really did it up for the holidays. We had 2 trees usually - one formal tree in the living room and a kids tree in the family room. I used 10 pine swags in our doorways and made holiday centerpieces for the formal dining room table. The kids had fancy quilted stockings from Pottery Barn Kids and there were FAAAAARRRR too many gifts.

When we moved out here and then moved again, I somehow lost 3 of those stockings. Mysteriously, I also lost my desire to be precocious and snooty at the holidays, too... hmmmm, food for thought there.

So we needed new stockings this year. Four of them. I decided to take a tip from Dottie Angel (whom I adore and you will learn more about next year when I take her Challenge of the Utmost Kind) and MAKE THEM. I used the one PBK stocking I had left as a template.

I did not pin anything. I barely even traced lines.

I used entirely repurposed materials for this project. Specifically, I used two old tablecloths, an old linen dish cloth and half a dozen doilies. I was even lucky enough to find a huge pile of white felt that I bought last year (to give structure to my stockings) and some old interfacing that had never been used - cut for an abandoned project a year ago (so what; I used it anyway) to reinforce my stockings and make the white sheeting more opaque.

I was fortunate that the tablecloth I found (for $4, by the way) was trimmed in darling Santas and yule bells, and Christmas trees. I cut 8 of them out - 2 for each stocking - so that all 4 could be displayed on either side.

Over the course of two nights, I sandwiched my layers together, adding bits and details along the way. It's silly the amount of excitement I gain from repurposing fun things. Truly these stockings came together in no time at all. Believe me when I tell you: not ONE single pin!

And, voila.

The kids are already arguing over who gets which one. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to embroider names on the cuffs or not. Doesn't matter. They are all delicious!


  1. Super cute! and I love her blog!

  2. they are all so precious...I'm sure they will be treasured for years to come!

  3. Santa might like names on the socks so he knows which parcel to put where ;-).
    I love your blog. I love how you dare to speak about your being a Christian too. I mostly don't have the courage... Don't know why, since it is so important for me!
    SO, just keep doing it and it might be infectious!

  4. Lovin the new stockings and the fact that they are made out of old linens. Great idea and wonderful!

  5. Very nice job, and very inspiring.