December 8, 2009

The Toy Box (AKA: I Am A Vintage ROCKSTAR / Stick It To The Man)

Remember this?

I've been looking for a large crate in all of my favorite shops for months now. In fact, I was so sure I'd find one eventually that I almost bought the casters ahead of time when I found them at Home Depot.

Oh Dee Doh

Good thing I didn't buy those casters.

This handmade, solid-wood box already has them. And she came home with me last Friday for a whopping $8. I may or may not repaint it. Can't decide. But we filled her up within 5 minutes of her arrival.

A new wooden toy box like this? Easily over $200. Boy, do I love sticking it to the Man.


  1. Rachel- I dont want to rain on your parade but you Want/need to get one of those toy box hinges- it connects to the back and the inside so that when the lid slams it kinda stays above the actual rim and prevents fingers from getting all smashed and mad.

  2. Don'tcha just L.O.V.E. a great deal? I could see this quickly becoming a toy to 'push each other around in', at my house. It's very cute.

  3. Cute. Maybe you'll want to stencil it or something?

    I suggest getting some hinges that keep it from slamming shut on little fingers though. Those are pretty easily and quickly installed.

  4. Great find!! I'm jealous!!! I've been looking too. Seriously, why do toy boxes cost so much????????