March 29, 2010

At Long Last... The Kitchen

Before: creamy yellow walls, oak cabinetry.

During: (cell phone image; sorry) my kitchen and dining room were littered with cabinet doors. Though, this time I remembered to number them so that they could be put back exactly where they belonged.

And, after: pale pink walls and white cabinetry. New hardware. Vintage white ruffle curtains were less than $2. Vintage pyrex was more than $2 but worth every penny.

(Don't mind my model here; she had to show you the toaster in action.)

Still must wet sand the 3 Eames chairs and I most certainly need a new table. However, I love the juxtaposition of the old and the new here. The modern and the traditional. Perfect.

And these two hanging on my fridge? These handsome young men are Kufa (left) and Gemechu (right). They both live in Zeway, Ethiopia and we are sponsoring them through Food For The Hungry. Later this year, I'm going to hug and smooch them in person. Think I'm going to take B with me, too.


  1. LURRRRVEEE the kitchen! Pink is beautiful!

  2. love the new kitchen colors! that is the softest pink, so pretty :) I painted my cabinets (which were dark wood) two years ago and I love them white, mine have an antique glaze washed over them.