March 19, 2010

Green Eyes

There is a story behind this one. And we all know how I go on and on, so put your feet up.

After I filed for divorce and dealt with the dark and murky drama of that ordeal, I knew that I would find true love. You know, in the form of a HEALTHY, lasting relationship. God designed me to love someone and to be loved by someone. I felt better knowing that there was someone out there looking for me, too. (Talked about that here, as a matter of fact.) It was hard to keep believing, but I managed to do it. Worshipped while I waited... tried so hard to be patient.

Somewhere along my path back toward love, I was cataloging photography one night in my mom's den and I came across Jessica Claire photography. I fell in love with her style and focus on engagement sessions. I thought about how to apply some of her technique into my everyday photography. I watched one session play and listened to the song Jessica had chosen to accompany her images. It was called "Green Eyes" by Coldplay. I'd never heard it before. I watched each image tick by, saw how Jessica captured the exact moment that the guy proposed and the look on the girl's face when she flung herself into his arms. It was perfect. That song planted itself in my soul, I think.

Days later I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I downloaded it onto my iPod. And I can tell you without a doubt that I have listened to that song almost every single day since. I sang that song to myself in the dark with tears streaming down my face. I sang that song driving through Minnesota on my way to visit Lulu. And again to haul our UHaul here because God was telling me to move. And again back and forth to deal with the drama with Shoes. That song has lasted years now. Its lyrics have lived inside of me.

Even now I listen to it every night before I go to sleep. It's exactly what I've needed for so long.

Green Eyes
by Coldplay

Honey you are a rock
upon which I stand.
And I came here to talk;
I hope you understand.
That, Green eyes..
yeah the spotlight
shines upon you.
And how could
deny you?

I came here with a load,
and it feels so much lighter now I met you.
And, Honey you should know
that I could never go on without you,
Green eyes.

Honey, you are the sea
upon which I float.
And I came here to talk;
I think you should know.
That, Green eyes,
you're the one that I wanted to find.
And anyone who tries to deny you,
must be out of their mind.

Because I came here with a load,
and it feels so much lighter since I met you.
Honey, you should know
that I could never go on without you.
Green eyes,
Green eyes.

Honey, you are a rock
upon which I stand.

B* has green eyes. And I no longer have a load, of any kind.

*B = Tomato Soup


  1. :-) So, so happy for you!!

  2. this gave me goosebumps. :)

    p.s. come check out my give away!

  3. so sweet! funny how God plants a seed and we simply have to wait for HIS plan to germinate. (I must admit sometimes I thought that darn seed would never sprout) So happy that someone is there to share your load now :)

  4. I've been singing "Green Eyes" right along with you/for you ever since you first mentioned it. I don't think about it EVERYDAY.....but at least once a week. We've been praying for your green eyes for years now ;)