March 29, 2010

Impromptu Dodgeball

After donuts and coffee, my 3 littles went outside. It wasn't even 10 in the morning, but the sun was shining and warm. The air was relatively still. Mabel insisted on her pink boots (again), but otherwise, it was a reason to wear Spring jackets instead of Winter coats.

Five minutes in, B came inside and asked if they could assemble Mabel's tricycle. You betcha. And you bet I grabbed my camera.

After the trike was built and tested (and a helmet added), the boys brought out the dodgeballs.

Balls were flying through the air left and right. Neighbors were commenting on the giggles coming from the front yard. Even Moo got in on the action from her favorite perch.

Impromptu dodgeball on a random weekend morning? That's the big Q right there, Folks.

An answer to prayer. Seriously.


  1. Yeah a picture of B :-) that seriously must just make your heart melt! SO happy for you!

  2. So fun! Love you guys!

  3. Oh sweetie, I can just see how great he is with the kids, those hands...working on the tricycle, holding Mabel, you must just be in heaven! Next time I want to see those eyes you keep mentioning :)

  4. Just so happy for you! What great pics!

    Waiting to hear more!

  5. You are blessed indeed with Mr. B. Love the pictures, you can see the happiness on them!