March 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning

You know, despite the fact that I'm all gushing about the love and my hunky dunky these days, I do actually still have a full time job and 3 full time kids and a full time house to keep going. [As a side note, I absolutely adore how writing that previous sentence does not intimidate or worry me one iota... because I now have someone lifting me up, caring right along with me. THIS is what a partnering RELATIONSHIP must feel like! God is soooo good.]

Spring cleaning has begun in our lives. I love this time of year so much! But this year, I am happily distracted and behind. For example: laundry will wait for a date or two, but people start running out of socks and undies if you ignore it much past that. This is my way of admitting that I am a bit behind in laundry. I wash and fold laundry every night while chatting with B, but I am still behind.

Recently Moo inherited some hand me downs. I sorted them by size and then stocked up her dresser with the 3's. This prompted a gander through her duds and revealed a LOT of worn out clothing. On Sunday of last week (after church and a drive-by kiss from B), I thinned clothes. Mabel's dresser. Andy's dresser. Trevor's dresser. Boys' closet. My closet and my dressers. In the end I had 2 bags, plus some shoes. I also went through the toys. It felt good to thin out.

This week I've opened several windows to let fresh Spring air blow through the house. It is GLORIOUS.

I need to work on Trevor's quilt. Actually haven't touched it in a few weeks. I intended to sew this past weekend while B was on a golf trip but he stayed back and we spent almost the entire weekend with him. WAY WORTH IT. But I need to work on it some more. Just one block each night would only take 10 minutes and would put me so close to finished with the top in just a week or so.

I'd also very much like to Spring clean the truck. Vacuum it silly. Wash the outside. Might be a good bonding project for B and the boys. And camera-worthy. Hmmm... mental note.

Yesterday I actually wore a skirt to work. It was 50 degrees. So delicious outside. More Spring cleaning to come!


  1. SOooOOOooo, When do we get to see a picture of him??

  2. ah, spring. So much growing after the cleaning :)

  3. I love spring cleaning, not so much the cleaning part but the way everything feels more put together afterwards. I tackled the laundry room this week. Which doubles as our close room and bedding room. It's nice having everything all together in one place but makes for a spring cleaning heaven when this time of year rolls around.