March 19, 2010

This Week

  • I tagged dozens of images online... the subject? Couples photography. I'm DYING to have a session done with my hunky dunky. (That's Joe Elario up there... isn't it amazing?)

  • Mabel is officially potty trained. Poops, too! Her overnight diaper will come in time, but I'm calling it a success!

  • The boys both had their parent/teacher conferences. No surprises or concerns. Trevor is reading I don't know, something like 8th grade level (he's in 3rd) and Andy is up around 6th (2nd grade). Andy busted through his math clog when we realized that he does better doing the problems in his head than on paper. Both honor roll students and well-behaved. I am incredibly proud.

  • I am finally tearing down the walls around my heart. I didn't realize that I'd put any up, but now that things with Tomato Soup are boiling (seriously - time for a new code name for Soup*, Guys), I can feel them coming down. I feel vulnerable again, but its exactly right.

  • Mabel wore ponytails twice this week. Her hair is so long. Funny how last year, it was almost non-existent.

  • I realized this week that Trevor is enormously tall. Like a giant, even. He's about 4 inches below my shoulders and he's 9. NINE.

  • I still have not filled out my Census report.

  • I added a few new blogs to my favorites list: John Canlas Photography, Mmm Crafts, Cheyenne Schultz Photography, and Joe Elario Photography (not new, but definitely a favorite).

  • Soup* spent time in my arms and in my kitchen. He did dishes in my sink. We made plans to go to a lake cabin this summer and ride jetskis. Fish with the boys and let the girls (I totally DID just say "girlS"!) build sandcastles on the beach. Bonfire, s'mores, guitar... the enormously fantastic and God-filled starry sky of Da Plains. Ahhhhh.... can't wait.

  • 99% of the 4 feet of snow in front of our house is melted. Of course we have 2" predicted for tomorrow, but it will melt quickly. Spring has sprung!

* With respect to Tomato Soup: let's just call him B from now on. Okay?


  1. you should be a very proud are doing an amzing job! so glad things are all well in your corner of the world, 'B' it shall be!

  2. Love your's so great to hear the happiness and joy just ooze from your posts :-)
    and yeah for Mabel - good for her!!

  3. I am so FREAKING happy for you! I miss you like CRAZY and wish I were there! Love you ALL!

  4. All great news. So happy for you!