March 9, 2010


Yo, Readers!

My update will be super quick today. It stands thus:

  • I took a dozen photos for you all (swear I did - had you in mind when I shot them), but I haven't put them on my EHD yet.
  • I met the gentleman that will get my hiner to Ethiopia this year - along with a half dozen coworkers. Our family is sponsoring two boys there, Gemetchu and Kufa. To think that I can hug them in just a few months in unreal.
  • Found out Trevor is allergic to any detergent that is not Seventh Generation, Free & Clear, Super Hyperallergenic blah blah blah. Good times and tons of laundry.
  • Mabel is potty training. We're on day 2, officially. Yesterday she held it all day until she was in the comfort of her own dining room. The deluge was extraordinary.
  • Tomato Soup met the kids last week. Oh yes. Officially. They adore him (it's mutual).
  • Was informed that Andrew now has a thing for turtles. "Particularly tortoises," he said.
  • I am now wearing clothes that haven't seen the light of day in 6 years. Thank God I buy classics! I actually took a picture of my own behind and sent it to Becky. Sad, but true.
  • Tomato Soup danced with Mabel in the kitchen while I cooked dinner. I had to take a moment and deliberately NOT cry. It was incredibly touching. Then she picked a booger and tried to eat it.
  • Work has kicked into high gear. I assisted with a plant tour last week. Was a contributor to about a dozen meetings, presented at a few, and attended a corporate dinner. ME! I love what I do. And even when I have a rough day (3 of them last week come to mind - oh the miles on my purple pumps), I am still grateful that I work for the company I work for.
  • And yo.... I can see GREEN GRASS in my yard. Granted, there is a 3 foot heap of snow beside it, but it's there!


  1. How many great things! Will be praying for the Ethiopia trip - that would be amazing...and I love the dancing part...sigh!

  2. sounds like crazy wonderful things are happening! :)

  3. Hooray for good news and a good week!