April 28, 2010


Last night I helped Mabel potty before bedtime. As usual, she took her ever-lovin' time sitting there, hop-flopping her pudgy legs and pointing at her (still purple) toenails. She told me about her day, about her "fwends" Quinton and Awex (Alex). She talked about how much she loved her princess nightgown. It was "pitty". She told me 111 times that she was not done going potty.

The boys were already tucked into their beds. I was anxious to relax after working all day, walking miles through the plant, and mowing the grass. But she looked so dang cute I could eat her with marshmallow fluff.

I knelt in front of her and put my hands on her little knees. Told her to hurry. She made a fish face at me and grinned. Blew a few raspberries. Then she made me a fish face, too. She giggled. I giggled.

I thought about how big she is now, my third spawn. Totally not an infant anymore. Her legs kept flopping and her toes tickled my knees.

Then she reached out and poked me in both eyes. "Mama, you have eyebrowns."


"Yes! Eyebrowns."

I loved her a little more right then.


  1. Brought back sweet memories for me. My kids are college and late high school now. Still make great memories, but not quite as adorably cute! Thank God for sweethearts that make us pause in the midst of busy days and exhaustion.

  2. I'm so glad you realize the wonderfulness (is it a word) of this time. My chubby legged baby just got her drivers licence! Where DID the time go?? She used to be so round and rosy pink, and now she is so tall and female looking........ sigh.