April 13, 2010

Nana Did In Fact Come To Visit

It was lovely weather over Easter while Nana visited Da Plains. She was thrilled to see us (mutual, that) and promptly did this within 30 minutes of her arrival:

Mabel loves her purple toenails.

Mabel also enjoyed eating clementines with Nana. That's a favorite for all of my kidlets - clementines with Nana. Not sure why, but Nana = clementines. Good thing I brought home 9 lbs of them before her plane landed.

There was lots of cuddling.

And T even let Nana kiss him. Which is a pain in my bahookey because Mom kisses are both embarrassing and poisonous now that he's going on 10. Lucky Nana.

Easter Sunday was lovely, but I didn't take one single picture. I made Pioneer Woman's brisket with loaded baked potatoes, asparagus, and rolls. I put the brisket in at 5am and went to church. B and his friend joined us for dinner. It was delicious (the food AND the company).

And actually, I have to gush (shocked, aren't you?) for a quick sec. When B arrived, I was pulling the brisket out and putting the potatoes in the oven. I literally blinked and felt him behind me in the kitchen, lifting the pan for me, holding the oven open, and basically finishing the meal at my side. He doesn't have to ask what I need, he just DOES IT. Doesn't miss a beat. I felt an overwhelming peace that afternoon. B isn't a guest anymore. He's my other part. He set the table, entertained the kids, and stood at my sink and washed my dishes by hand when we were finished. Judy's mouth was hanging open, watching him wash those dishes. He didn't think twice about it.

Great holiday. Great visit. Love you, Nana!
PS: And of course, she loved him!


  1. how wonderful to have a visit from Nana, I laughed about the kisses. When my boys were that age and would wipe their faces after being kissed by Mom I always teased them and told them they were just rubbing it in more :)

  2. Sounds like you have winners all around you girl! Enjoy! Love those purple piggies. How come my feet never look that cute after pickles and potato chips? Hmmph! Not fair!

  3. I love hearing your gushes! It reminds me of the days I fell in love with my husband and why I'm still in love with him. Keep on gushing! You deserve it!