April 16, 2010

Obliterated (AKA: Andy Is FAAASSSTTT)

So 'round these parts we've been having a bit of football practice. Yes, I know it's baseball season - and actually both Drew and Trev are playing baseball - but at home they practice football. Constantly.

(Did you notice the 'Drew'? Andy wants to be called Drew these days. So I'm trying it on.)

It is good that they practice now because both of them are playing Junior League this fall. Trevor played last year, but this will be the first time through for Andrew. Of course I'm nervous about him playing. He is awfully tiny. But when I watch him play, I'm less worried.

Little dude takes 10 tries to catch the ball, but once he has the ball, LOOK OUT. He is wicked fast. Trevor has no idea what to make of this. What? Little brother GOOD at something? It's a revelation, I tell you.

Take a peek at what happens when Drew runs the ball after a delicate catch (and pay no mind to my neighbor's messy yard or my football jock hunky dunky):

Drew completely obliterated him. It happened every time. He outmaneuvered Trevor's tackle and then ran the ball. FAAASSSTTT. Bet you can guess how that made Trevor feel.

Don't worry. Little dude held his own (and what terrific tackle practice). This might be a good time to remind Trevor that beating up on your little brother isn't always the best idea... especially when he might kick your hiner on the football field.

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  1. the plight of younger brothers...I rember warning my oldest to think about future paybacks, just because he was bigger at the moment didn't mean he always would be :) They are 32 and turning 30 soon and the best of friends, don't know why I worried they might kill eachother so long ago. I must admit I didn't notice the neighbor's yard, I was too busy checking out 'B'