April 15, 2010

Rear View

Can I get a show of hands: how many have been reading my rambling long enough to recall that I specifically said a year ago that I knew God would send me a guy who could bench press Andy? I did. I totally said that. Actually, I said The One can bench press Andy and clean a toilet. (Not that it was some magic qualifier, but I have always known the right man would fit our whole family exactly as he should, and bench pressing Andy seemed like a good way to turn that into a metaphor at the time.)

Love God. So, so much. He is one smart dude.

This is when the blog becomes a rear view mirror. I love it when the blog becomes a rear view mirror. Going back and rereading is so much fun sometimes. You find out that sometimes, you had it right. Sometimes, you are reminded that faith will prevail and you'll end up with exactly what God knows that you need.

And sometimes, you end up with a clever blog title that leads your humor exactly where you intended for it to go. This rear view ain't too shabby either. Just sayin'.


  1. It is moments of awarenes like this that help you get through future hurdles for surely if God answered this prayer you know He is indeed listening and will be beside you whenever you call upon Him.

  2. Love it - God is so, so good isn't He? I just keep smiling everytime I read your posts - so happy for you!

  3. Another comment - I know, sorry. Just had to tell you how much I love your "The One" posts...see - I'm married to "the One" (for me) and let me tell you - life happens but it's all worth it when you are together in it - does that make sense?

  4. Amber, you are blessed to have your One. I am patient and quite hopeful that my search is over - we cannot be certain because only God knows what is coming... but B feels like exactly who we've been waiting for. We fit so perfectly and pray often for God to continue to bless our family of 6 peeps. :)


  5. Oh Rachel,

    How I love the faith in God and patience that you have had. I do remember reading something along those lines and all the wonderful post you write and the more you write here recently brings me closer to God to be reminded that his will is our only way and in his time.


  6. My giggles can not be conveyed in this comment. You can imagine me giggling right with you saying, "can you believe this is your life?" Seriously, God is so awesome, he just is!!! Smiling from ear to ear with joy in my heart for you!!

  7. I haven't been reading in a while, but wow! I'm so glad to finally be seeing "the one". He looks awesome. Not just because he's gorgeous, (because he IS) but because of the love he clearly has for your children. He looks like family to me. Blessings to you and the children! :)