April 14, 2010

There Is An 'M' In Team

When Mabel wants to play football, the boys mow her down and steal the ball. So, B helps her out. She is part of our team (we are 6 peeps, yo). The boys figure that B + Moo can't be all that fast. Boy oh boy do they underestimate.

Trevor laughed his butt off when he realized how much he underestimated. Then he got up and came back for more.

At which point B dangled Moo + ball in front of him and said, "Na-na na-na boo-boo..." before taking off again. Mabel squealed and giggled the whole time.

I believe there was a group collapse after this photo, but I was laughing too hard to keep shooting.

So glad they realize that there is an 'M' in team.


  1. they are just so darling! B is quite handsome too, but you knew that already didn't you :)

  2. I am so happy for you!!!

  3. That is so lovely, looks like you've found a really good one there, he is so good with your kids! Mabel looks besotted! Good on you! x

  4. Love this ;) For SO. MANY. REASONS. Love you!

  5. That is hilarious and awesome! So happy for you all.