May 31, 2010

All The New Things

Dude. I can't keep up. So far this time without the kids has been quite productive. In a manner of speaking, anyway.

On Friday, I played 9 holes with B and two of his best friends. They've been playing since high school. B is incredibly good at golf. So I had a personal trainer and two coaches, basically. It was AWE.SOME. Who knew I could golf? I'd only been to a driving range one time... but this was the real thing. 9 holes. People, I was GOOD. Certainly a hundred things to learn, but I didn't slice once (which they kept saying over and over was something I'd probably do) and I hit the ball straight. In fact, 2 of the 9 holes took me one shot to get on the green... within 10 feet of the pin. Lots of shouting, there. Homeboy was super stoked at how much I loved it and all 3 of the boys were a little off their game that I could actually do it - with men's clubs at that. Can't wait to do it again. And how cute... B and I have another thing to share! "Next time I'll take some pictures of your pose for your blog, Babe."

B and I have been nearly inseparable since Thursday. Such important conversation. So many comfortable, perfect, everyday moments. He's at work this morning to take care of some things before we leave for our vacation. Say what? Yes, you most certainly DID hear me correctly. OUR vacation. We leave Wednesday for 5 days. We're borrowing a convertible, going to hold hands and chat for umpteen hours and listen to crazy cool music, and we'll see Brad while we're gone. B will also see Judy again and meet BeckAY for the first time. (Lulu's interrogation of B will take place at a different date. And hopefully somewhere beachy.) Way freaking cool. Can't wait!!!

I am catching up on sleep I never knew I missed. Twice now I've slept for 12 hours. Feels weird, Peeps. The house is eerily quiet. Poor cat doesn't know what to do with nobody riding or pulling on her. I can shower without expecting someone to walk in needing to poop. B vacuumed my house last night while I took care of laundry - and the weird thing is that nobody but us will be messing it up for 3 weeks. We watched a movie, uninterrupted. Still getting used to that.

So I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update for the remainder of the week. I'll be working two days - and cramming a week's worth of work into those days - and then I'll be packing and speeding down the road with my hunky dunky. Well, and also, my computer has some trojan virus. Hopefully my IT friend can quarantine that before we leave, too.

Later, Peeps!


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2010

    Sounds like a vacation already! :) Have a great trip!


  2. ooooh exciting, a holiday! sounds fab, driving around in a convertible, holding hands with the wind in your hair. You'll have a lovely time! x