May 11, 2010


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We have this thing, B and I. No, not the tomato soup thing. A thing with stars. Well, music and stars. Rambling. Sorry. If you're from the Great Plains or have just visited here and looked up over your head after dusk, you have seen the MASSIVE amount of stars up there. It is so perfect and amazing, it will stop you for a moment. Like a blanket of God's glory.

So, one evening way back when, B and I were chatting on Facebook. Flirting was amped up to like, 1000%. He was strumming his guitar while we chatted. First, Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy" and then Jack Johnson.

At the time, I couldn't remember who Jack Johnson was. He begged me to look up "Better Together" and "Constellations," which I did. Of course (and any of you who know and love Jack would understand this...) upon hearing the first few bars I immediately recognized him. He's the Curious George guy!

Since that time, B and I have listened to a lot of Jack together. Made plans to go see him in concert one day. We have danced beneath God's blanket of stars above us. We have danced in his living room, me in his arms, and his voice singing Jack's poetic words into my ear. And I love it. I love it that B associates God's blanket of stars and Jack's lyrics with our story.

So when I got my new phone, I couldn't wait to download the star app. Old one was broken, new DROID is divine. I love it. Did you know that Android has a free app for star gazing? Oh yes. It's Google Sky Map. You simply click on the app and point the phone toward the sky. It mirrors the stars that you see, except it draws out the constellations. Ahhhhhhhh.... cool, no? And since the DROID also runs more that one app at a time, I'm able to pull up YouTube and listen to Jack's Constellations while looking up at the constellations with my honey.

Lord, I am confused. Did you follow all of that? Stars... music... constellations... Jack... DROID. Wow. Sometimes drawing parallels is exhausting.


  1. just when I think you two can't get any cuter, you do :)

  2. I love Jack Johnson, he reminds me of my honeymoon in Hawaii... not sure why, I think he must have been on the Ipod a lot!

  3. I lov elove Jack Johnson, amasing songwriter!!! And one day I will make to a big sky country so I can see how amasing the night skys are!!!