May 5, 2010

Four Things

Just four things itching up some fantastic inspiration in me today:

Rachel Denbow

Posie Gets Cozy

Sweet, Sweet Life

Dottie Angel

That and I've been spending a lot of work time next to my homeboy lately. New project. So fun. I forgot how good he smells when I stand next to him, how we don't always agree (never have, but it still works), how I am somehow capable of paying attention to the words coming out of his perfect lips while feeling all warm and dizzy at the same time, how much I respect how brilliant he is, and how I can see in his green eyes how very much he supports me ... DANG it feels so inspiring to work with him. I LOVE it. It fills me up.

Think I'm going to paint and hang some pictures tonight. I've gotta, or I'm going to BUST.

OH! And I have a ton of hamburger to brown up for all of my freezer cooking. Hope I get to that tonight, too.

1 comment:

  1. I was away for the weekend and came back to some very important posts...I can't believe if I hadn't read your old posts I would have missed the sweetest romance story of all time! Words cannot express how happy I am that you found eachother. I know God is smiling :)