May 14, 2010

A Friday Update

Wow, where in the heck did the week go?

I remember being busy. I got quite a lot done actually. Finished hanging the photo frames in my living room (though I still need order the new prints to go inside). There was Sherlock Holmes on the couch with my homeboy. Lots of rain. A two mile run next to that same homeboy. I made a boat load of hot dish and chicken pot pie for my freezer. Cleaned house and did about 12 loads of laundry (okay, that's an exaggeration... it was closer to 10). Had a 5 hour meeting at work yesterday.

This weekend I still need to:
  • Put away several loads of folded laundry
  • Iron (who am I kidding; this will NOT get done)
  • Mow the grass
  • Have the truck checked out to be sure it's safe for the drive in 2 weeks
  • Pick up some photos at Walmart that have been there for 2 weeks
  • Maybe, perhaps work on Trevor's quilt top just a bit

B and I are hoping the weather cooperates enough to take the kids to a ballgame or fishing... we'll see which they prefer. Trevor wants to go catch a gar.

1 comment:

  1. There has been lots of rain here as well. And volcanic ash! Our airports are open and closed more often than my wardrobe doors!