May 17, 2010

The Moo Mowed

On Saturday, B brought all of his yard equipment to my house. He wanted to do something nice for me. Now, if you're like me you are thinking, 'didn't he just drop a flippin' alternator into your truck?' Why yes he did. Except this God Guy doesn't think like that. Primarily, he thinks about making me happy. But he also loves grass. I mean loves grass. And trees and leaves and plants. He's a walking horticulture encyclopedia, my Homeboy.

So he employed Trevor to help after teaching him how to use a pair of nipper-things. He told him the name of each plant and how to trim it so that it thrived. B explained how taking care of mom's lawn shows love. Trevor really got into it. Andrew was interested for about 11 seconds; then he went next door to play with a friend. Mabel and I picked up sticks and pulled weeds.

Then B got the mower out. Never wanting to be left out for a moment, Moo demanded to mow. So B let her.

They mowed together, just as slowly as she needed to walk, that entire front yard. (And please note her most darling top ponytail, would you?) B is so patient with her.

One of my most favorite photos, ever.

Drew came back home long enough to work up a piece of art on the front steps. Then he was gone again, doing his own thing.

Trevor was busy for hours. HOURS. The kid might have a calling, I tell you. He really gets into this earth-loving stuff like his mama. Having someone tell him what he's working on and teach him how to work on it properly was the cat's pajamas.

So after the Moo mowed the front yard, she decided her pigs were tired and she set about removing her sandals. Please refrain from passing out at the cuteness of her topknot. Reminds me of Tink, though.

Time to put your feet up, Girl. You earned it.

It was such a beautiful and productive weekend.

And Dear B: Every time I think it's not possible to fall more in love with you, you go and do something like this. To think that you continue to look for ways to care for me and lift me up is such a blessing. That your particular talents and expertise fit so precisely with my needs and wants is a God thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of it. For not doing it for yourself. For looking so handsome while you were doing it. For including and teaching my kids how to care for their mom and show love, for taking care of the living stems in my yard, and for teaching my heart how NOT to beat alone. I will break my neck to do every bit of this right back for you every day. So much love for you, Babe.


  1. Oh man - just killing me with the wonderfulness of it all - so, so great :-)
    So happy for you both - and yes, that is the cutest little ponytail!!

  2. This probably won't surprise you, but I LOVE Moo's shoes! Do they do them in big? x

  3. have you looked around for his 'Halo'? surley he keeps it hidden somewhere :) I am so happy for you sweetie and for your children too, how precious that this man knows that to love a woman he must also love her children. Add to that the fact that he is teching the importance of showing love through action to your children is just over the moon! Give that man a big ole hug for me.

  4. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    So sweet. What a wonderful day all together. I'm so happy for you all!


  5. I must say gotta love a man who loves nature! I must also admit I love that mans ARMS! ENJOY!

  6. So happy for all of you!