May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day Kicked ASS

So, this past week was hard for me, a little. I knew Mother's Day was coming up, my mom was in Ohio, and the kids always seem to get extra crazy right about the time I need for them to settle down and let me feel the love. I feel silly in retrospect, always so resistent to my new normal. Life isn't perfect, but it sure is better now than it has EVER been. Of course, B was on top of things. Duh.

We spent Friday and most of Saturday together and then B and I had dinner with his little girl.

Mother's Day itself brought fresh coffee, waffles, and strawberries. We all went to church together and I stood, holding hands with my God guy while singing DCB's "How He Loves Us." Literally a dream come true, that moment. And... AND... after lazing about the couch and watching movies all evening, we had some yummy lasagna (which we made together) and READ THE BIBLE TOGETHER. Seriously. Best Mom's Day ever.

I hope sincerely that each of you had a wonderful celebration yesterday. Sisters, Daughters, Mothers, Grandmothers, and Friends: all of us women have one of the most important jobs on this Earth. We are so blessed to be women.

Oh - I also received my usual favorite handmade cards from the children. Got me all gooey. But this year I had one more than I expected. B had gotten me a card, too. In it, he thanked me for being the exact mom that I am, and for sharing who I am with my children. The card was about appreciating the minor chaos of a family... him, me, kids, and crazy... and he wouldn't change a thing. I was floored, People. The card played one of my most favorite songs.



  1. I love that song too. i am so happy for you, that you got the mothers day of your dreams

  2. It is not the grand gestures that bring us the most happiness but the love and kindness wrapped up in our everyday moments that make our hearts sing. So happy you had such a sweet Mother's Day with the perfect partner :)
    love that song myself!