May 19, 2010

Orange Blossoms

"Are we going to go outside?" I asked him, after the kids were asleep.

"We are absolutely going to go outside," said B.

I picked up my FAVORITE orange blossom blanket I thrifted in Kentucky and the first quilt I ever made by pattern, and he carried the Pinot.

When I opened the back door, I took a moment to allow my eyes to adjust to the night sky. I spread out the blanket on the soft grass and laid the quilt on top. B sat the wine glasses down. We absolutely used our Google Sky Map app to find some constellations before finally laying back to look up at the blanket above us.

"Sometimes I still feel like someone should pinch me," he said, as he looked into my eyes.

There were plenty of soft kisses. The best talking ever. We turned on our sides and faced each other, and then there was more eye staring and giggling. You can bet I laughed loud enough to scare the cat next door. Which made him laugh.

There was love.

And Dear B: You have the most amazing integrity. I am proud to call you mine every day, but especially today. And thank you for plugging in my phone last night; little bits of kindness all the time from you. And yes I was serious when I said your forearms are blogworthy.


  1. I love orange blossoms, I wore an antique/vintage orange blossom crown from the 1930's when I got married....I love orange blossoms!!

  2. Oh man - Love it....big smile on my face :-)

  3. I love that orange blossom fabric, it reminds me of a blanket my Grandma used to have.