May 28, 2010

A Prayer Request

* Unseatbelted children were photographed while PARKED. Just in case you were ready to lynch me.

Yesterday, I drove my 3 to the halfway point between Da Plains and Where We Were From Before. It took a little more than 6 hours. I left at 6am. B could not go; I drove alone. The kids were wonderful the whole way.

I burned 6 new CDs for the trip and I sang my lungs out the entire time.

At 1pm, Shoes pulled into the parking lot at Chili's. B sent me a text that was everything I needed to lift me up at that moment. I got out of the truck, kissed the kids, handed over the suitcases, got back into my truck, and then drove away. LITERALLY. I think I might have said 10 words to him. Not rude, but... not worried this time. Just, not. I didn't have a million questions worth asking. It didn't matter that I really should ask him about child support and why I'm not getting any, because he was taking his kids for 3 weeks. HE DIDN'T CHANGE HIS MIND. Praise God!

So, yes. They are Where We Were From Before for 3 weeks. B is keeping me busy... in fact, we have a tee time at 5:00 tonight! Go, me!

But please pray. Please pray for their safety and health and security while they are there. Pray that I continue to remember that they are on loan from God in the first place and He is always with them, especially when I cannot be. Pray they have a ball and I stay occupied. Then pray a word of thanks that Shoes took them this year! Thank you all!


  1. Prayers coming! So happy for all of you! They need this time and so do you!

  2. AnonymousMay 28, 2010

    Praying for them to have a ton of fun and for Shoes to enjoy and appreciate them. And I hope you have a good vacation at home!


  3. I don't normally pray but I will on this occasion. You must feel like part of you is missing with them gone for 3 weeks. But they will be back before you know it and I'm sure there will be lots of cuddles to go round when they have missed their mum for 3 weeks!

    Thinking of you!

    p.s love Moo's sun glasses! So cute!