May 7, 2010

Progress Report

Okay, so I was ambitious. Aren't I always?

I think I did pretty good with my list of things to do this week, though thanks to your comments, I expanded my deadline into next week.

It rained all week here so as a result, I did not run. I did find other ways to exercise. Such as: painting the two walls in my living room Grey Matters (second coat while I was watching Grey's Anatomy - irony, that?).

I also did not find time to do my freezer cooking. Perhaps that will happen this weekend or early next week. Hmmm... maybe a lasagna for mother's day?

In addition to the items I listed, I also planned itineraries for the kids' upcoming trip and sewed a table runner for a friend. That counts, right?

So, this morning I put the kids in the truck to head to school/sitter's house. Unfortunately, my truck did not want to go. Seems that last night when I ran out to grab Jack Johnson's En Concert CD from my CD player, I did not remove my keys from the ignition... and she sat all night leaking power. After a quick call to a friend, he and my hunky dunky had the kids to school and me jumped in no time. What started as a tremendous pain in the ass turned into quite the delight for my heart. It's not every Friday at 8:15am that I get a kiss from the love of my life.

Sigh. Happy weekend, Everyone!

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  1. such an unexpected blessing! Have a very Happy Mother's Day!!!