May 21, 2010

When The Paint Hits The Wall

That was supposed to be some play on the words 'when the rubber hits the road', but I'm not sure it makes as much sense here in print as it did in my head. The point of which is that I saw and shared an idea of inspiration and I thought I would also share how I made it happen.

Recall this?

Lookie what I went and did.

So not the exact same, but I am very happy with it. Modern, yet cozy - and the darker tone did not make the room seem any smaller. Two walls remain chalky white, the other two are Cityscape Gray. One day I'll have a photo wall with stretched canvas portraits... just gotta be patient.

I should tell you that 3 of those photos (and the print that's all wonky in that bottom frame) will be replaced shortly. But I had to get the frames up for placement first.

And Dear B: Thank you for the most amazing weekend. Your grandmother may be one of the most amazing women I've ever met; I can't wait to surround myself with her spirit again. I do very wish I could have met your dad. You're right; he would have loved me! And I so wish that MY dad could have taken you fishing. Thanks for dancing with me in the kitchen again. And thanks for saving my heart.


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2010

    Your photo wall looks great! So lively and fun.


  2. absolutely love the gray walls, a wonderful neutral for displaying art and photography! more importantly I love that you met B's grandmother :), sharing family and our history is so enlightening. We see our loved one from the eyes of others who love them. and what can I possibly say about a night of stargazing...'heavenly'!

  3. I got that it was a play on words but I did think of a different set of words when I first saw it on the blog feed... when the something else hits the fan... clearly not though when I read your lovely post!

    I love that shade of grey. My house doesn't have enough light to pull that off though.