June 10, 2010

An Anthem

When I saw this photo by the ultra-amazing and talented (and I hope I am amply crediting her rockstar self) Tara Whitney, it hit me like a ton of flippin' bricks.

You only live once.

I say that constantly. I remind myself, I tell others. MAKE IT COUNT. Every single day.

Life is short. Don't let the sun go down on something you want. Go after it!

Don't let the sun go down on anger either, for that matter.

If you love someone, tell them as often as you can. Don't wait.

Say thank you to God for all that you are grateful for.

If you want your life to change, grab it by the nuts and go for the gusto. Do it yourself. Where there is a will, there is a way. God wants you happy, but you have to do the legwork to get there.

I never knew how different my life could be or was supposed to be until my life exploded in front of me. People have asked me how I kept the faith after all that I've been through... just like the song, "That question always amazes me. How could circumstances possibly change who I forever am in You?" God kept my head on straight. He gave me the confidence and clarity to figure out what I needed and wanted in my life, and then courage to go after it.

I moved to Da Plains to work with a woman who would later become one of my best friends. Then got a job (where that same woman now works!) at a company where we pray at the end of meetings and I can make a KINGDOM impact with what I do every single day. Then I met my God guy and life changed even more. All the while learning and respecting my kids more than I ever have. There have been bumps along the way, absolutely, but I barely notice them anymore.

We have a mighty God.

So yes, this is an anthem for me.

You only live once. MAKE IT COUNT.

And Dear B: Yesterday you left our journal on the seat in my truck to surprise me. I rambled in it for a while and snuck it back in your lunchbox today. I may or may not have referenced hickies. Thank you for texting me early this morning after your Bible study, when God was fresh all over you. I love that you think of me then! Love you all the way, Baby.

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  1. I love you! Only you can reference hickies and Bible study in the same sentence! Miss you bunches