June 9, 2010

As Big As Horses

Here she is: one of my best girls. My BeckAY hosted B and I last week while we were in Ohio for an overnight visit. Nice, huh?

B and I started out that morning having breakfast with Judy, where she told him the story of how my dad gave me a spanking with a 6" ruler when I ate a Fruit Loop off of the floor (another time, People...). We laughed until we cried. Well, I did. In fact, B said he had never seen so many tears of laughter fall from my eyes before. [I also saw my teenaged niece at the restaurant - a niece on Shoes' side of the family... that girl flew into my arms faster than a fish finds bait. It felt so nice to be called Aunt Rachel again.]

After breakfast and hugs, B and I headed south to see Becky. Just another 2 hours together in the car. Talking and holding hands. And actually, while B knew my story already, I shared more detail than I ever had during that drive. He spilled more details on his story, too. Doubled the love on that drive, we did. Didn't plan it; it just happened.

We arrived, hugged, and unpacked. Kicked our shoes off. Becky immediately said something about B's feet and stink. Which they did not. But it was kind of her to check with him about it.

After stretching, we got back into the car and went to Haiku for sushi with half a dozen friends. Not to be outdone by my first piece of sashimi, B had 20 rolls with smoked salmon. Such a trooper. Kind of hot watching him pop those rolls into his mouth without so much as even trying to use a chopstick, too. Stinker.

We had planned a bonfire, but the 100000% mugginess eliminated that from the agenda. Instead we sat around and shot the shit, learned naughty slang from Beck's southern friend, and talked about the old days.

At one point, Beck took B next door to meet the two great danes she dogsits for. They were gone for 45 minutes. Apparently, the dogs disliked my homeboy and tried to eat him. Then he tried to escape into the dark laundry room only to slip on her friend's underwear (I know, right? BLECH.) All of this while she hammered him with dozens of questions about his intentions with her bestie (c'est moi). Homeboy passed with flying colors. Later he told me that her questioning did not bother him at all, but the altercation with the danes might have caused permanent scarring. Emotionally speaking, of course.

Later he also told me that he loved me twice as much as he did the day before. (Bucket check, yo!)

I am so lucky to have this woman in my life. Sticking up for me and all. So lucky to have this man, willing to be eaten by dogs as big as horses and skid on a pair of nasty panties, just to prove his love for me.

My love for the two of them is as big as horses, is what I say. What? Are you confused, too?

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  1. love the photo of you and your friend...such beauties! this trip sounds so amazing and what a great way to learn more about eachother :)